Easi Peasi Changer

With soft curves and retro styling, Easi-Peasi comes in two eye-popping patterns: Return of the Zutons and Fable. These splendid splashers compete for the crazy crown. Which will you choose?

Check out our Easi Peasi changer...

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Cosatto’s nursery stuff brings a pop art blast of bright into baby’s world. Multifunctional and versatile, Cosatto’s nursery stuff skips from baby walkers that make learning fun too; to a travel cot that’s also a baby changing unit, playpen and bassinette. That’s Cosatto good value right there. When diddy dancing feet are twinkle – toe tired after baby walker fun, Cosatto baby bouncers rock. Bring on the plushest pods for laid back lounging with vibrating variety and rocking reassurance. Suitable from birth, a Cosatto baby bouncer is a dollop of squidge and pure patternology with clever reclining. Great for post baby walker snoozing. With lights, sounds and fun electronic toys, our baby walkers go beyond the walk and they’re foldable wonders too. Our baby walkers bring on the brains with added-in learning stuff disguised as fun. Junior jetsetters can get 40 winks with the grooviest travel cot around. Then bounce up and get busy in it as it becomes a playpen.  It even doubles up as a crafty changing table. That’s one versatile travel cot.

Make changing and bathing easy peasy with our baby changing unit magic. Storage saviours and lock – wheel washing wonders get little ones squeaky clean with ease. A bright squidgy topped baby changing unit with a secret bath and handy drainage tube is another lifesaver and backsaver. Baby walkers, a multi-faceted travel cot and baby bouncers that rock, phew - talk about clever Cosatto solutions.