Our legendary 3Sixti2 spinning highchair lets munchkins enjoy elevated elevenses and lunches on the low.

Spin over to 3Sixti2 here…

Noodle Supa Highchair

Noodle Supas are fabby eaters. They’re also easy-clean, easy-wean supper stars with an appetite for adjusting.

Nip over to Noodle Supa here…

Pretzel Highchair

Pretzel is that wondrous wooden, adjustable, lolly-stick legged genius highchair, with a dollop of squidgy pattern.

Peek at Pretzel here…

More about our Highchairs

Cosatto high chairs bring high dining to little munchkins. From our avant garde highchairs for dinky diners to travel high chairs for junior jetsetters, Cosatto baby highchairs support your supper star whatever their favourite flavour. Spin out of those dinner time dilemmas with Cosatto 360◦ swivelling high chairs. They let baby keep an eye on chef at all times and aeroplane spoons can approach from any angle.

We’re all about the high chair with attitude and smart solutions. Our high chairs wear their splodge-resistant wipe clean PVC fabric with pride. Removable washable trays gleaming with easy-clean joy, ergonomic highchair curves and adjustable positions all add up to one thing: Cosatto highchairs make weaning a breeze. We have crafted the odd wooden high chair for your diddy diner’s delectation. These sculpted feeding friends bring iconic cool to warm wood. Mix in our dazzling fabrics and our high chairs are the hippest eateries in town.

When is a highchair not a high chair? When it’s one of our smooth adjustable reclining high chairs for laid back little loungers having an after dinner snooze. Cosatto high chairs have such clever adjustable ways, that baby is held comfy whether bright and upright or kicking back for the post-prandial chill.

Space at a premium?  Some Cosatto high chairs are foldable easy-store space savers too. When not in use, they can flatten themselves into the narrowest spaces - great for stowing away. Of course the wondrous wooden weaning sculptures and the spinning superstars stay standing to be admired, who would hide such breakfast beauty? Baby likes giving after dinner speeches? We have highchairs that are up-to-the table clever, with removable trays for family dining a la table. Cosatto high chairs are considerate chaps with easy clean ways and clever adjustability. Whatever your nippers needs we’ve a stunning high chair happy to oblige.